David Orvek


Welcome to my website! I am a music theorist, pedagogue, guitarist, and composer living in Bloomington, Indiana. I graduated with a master's degree in music theory from The Ohio State University in 2019, and am currently a PhD student in music theory and the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music where I also teach music theory. My research focuses largely on post-tonal and atonal musics, with a particular interest in transformational theory.

In addition to my musical interests, I am also an amateur computer programmer with experience in Python, Bash, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. This website was built from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Below you will find samples of some of my research, composition, performance, and code. These examples randomly cycle through each time you reload the page, so each visit will be slightly different! To see more of my work, please visit some of the other pages on this site.


Below you will find a short description of one of my recent papers. To download and read the full paper, please click the "Continue Reading" button below. Please contact me if you wish to know more about any of these projects or distribute the papers in any fashion.


Below you will find a recording of one of my compositions. Scores and program notes for each work may be found by clicking "More". Please contact me if you wish to perform or distribute these scores in any fashion.


Below you will find one of the Python scripts that I have written for fun. Thanks to the wonders of Trinket, these scripts can actually be run and edited right here on this page! Simply click "Run" (the play button) and follow the prompts on the terminal. If you encounter any bugs, or see ways in which these scripts might be improved, please contact me.


Below you will find a recording from my senior recital at Southern Adventist University in 2016. To hear the rest of my recital and to see program notes, click "More".


Please feel free to contact me at the email address below with any bugs you find on this site, questions you might have, or with inquiries about private lessons in music theory, composition, or guitar.